The 14 Days
to Joy

Clearing your path to welcome in Joy by strengthening and healing your heart. Are you ready to open yourself up for more joy?


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Below you find the newest courses that are available for you or are open for registration. Over time more courses will be added. See all courses for more.


The 14 Days to Joy

Walk & Clear the Path to Joy
every day a new theme - 14 meditations - Email only course

The 14 Weeks to Joy

A Guid to Manifesting more Joy - 14 meditations - practices - invocations/prayers - group meetings & more


With every course you build up experience and confidence. It’s never just reading or listening, there is a lot of action too with practical meetings and communities where you can practice with your fellow students.


Every course is made with care and with the best and highest light & intentions. In this community you get what you see. And is there something missing or not working? We’ll fix it right away. So, let us know, we listen.


With some courses you get a certificate (of participation). Of course, you get the experience but it’s also nice to have a reminder of your hard work and achievements.

Study at Your Own Pace

Open your Heart & Mind with the Joy of Learning in this loving Community.

Features of Our Courses

Why Wild Spirit Energy?

In this Community we listen to your needs and what you have to say. Everything is made and taught with care and in the highest possible light. With you we share practical tools & lessons and help you to get the knowledge and experience that you seek. We have a saying at Wild Spirit Energy and that is to listen to guidance with an open heart, to use the knowledge that resonates with you and to turn that knowledge & wisdom to guide others on their journey. We are here to help you on your path. If that is to help you clear your path to let Joy in, to share the knowledge of the Oracle/Tarot Cards or help you experience the healing love of the Angels. Whatever it is, we are here for you.

Variaty of Courses

Are you looking for something that is not listed? Send a message and we'll see what to do about that. When more people ask for a specific course we'll create one if that is in our strength. You ask? We listen.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Every training and course will be online for at least a year or longer. Can't be there live during group meetings? No worries, You will receive a video after every live meeting. You won't miss a thing.

Professional Certification

To prove you have finished a course (e.g. Oracle Intuitives Training) you receive a certificate. Plus, it's always nice to have a visual of your achievements.


15 Ratings
“Where do I start, Nienke is an absolute pure Gem in a sea of so many coaches, healers, medium & channelers. She is a natural when it comes to, helping others find the answers that already lie inside of you. Honesty is the key she’s holding in her hands, that she shares in the highest and loving way. Not only are her messages exactly what you need at that moment, it’s fun to just be able to connect with her, because you will get a step closer to finding yourself.
Forever grateful for her. ”
Martina - Radcliff, USA
"I just want to give big thanks and gratitude for the angel reading you provided me and for the insights that you brought forward. I felt a connection with you while watching you do a group reading and had to schedule an individual session. You have a bright light and kind and gentle spirit that made the reading less intimidating for me. I feel energized and better now that I have more confirmation that I’m on the right road.
Many thanks!!! I highly recommend you."
Jessie - Florida, USA
"Almost 10 years ago it told Nienke she was a shaman and gifted medium. Back then she laughed and brushed it off. Now I’m the one laughing while telling her I told you so! “
Christine (Shaman, Trainer, Artist) - Koppang, NO
” It has been such a blessing to be able to work with Nienke! Her calming presence will immediately put you right at ease. You can tell she is someone who easily connects with the divine, and she will help you establish your own connection to the divine. Talking to Nienke feels like talking to your wise best friend. Her advice and channeled messages are always right on point! I can’t recommend her enough! “
Jessica - Louisiana, USA